U9- Task 5

Presentation of Idea

For the Theatre in Education show my drama class and I will need to come up with one idea and a script. We will each need to give one idea individually and we will have to present it to the class. Once we have each seen each others presentations we will then decide which one we like most and add new things to it to create a piece that we all really like. The presentation will be 5 minuets long the idea will need to be suitable for a small cast production.

Based on the research I have already done in Theatre in Education companies and Key Stage educational requirements, I will need to come up with an idea which has the following:

  • A clear aim and educational objective
  • A low budget
  • A level of audience involvement
  • A short workshop and/or learning materials that can also be offered to your audience

Key Stage Topic

I have two topics for KS1 that are one the curriculum that I am interested in doing a presentation idea about, one is more realistic then the other because for educational purpose one is more important than the other. The first lesson that I would like to do a T.I.E performance on is PHSE. This lesson is compulsory at most schools teaching at level KS1 and 2 even though parents can asked for their children to be removed from this lesson, PHSE stand for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. As some children might not be able to watch a T.I.E piece around PHSE it might be difficult but I think it is very important that children get more knowledge and understanding about the ever occurring problems of things such as bullying, violence etc.

Its important that children learn from a young age about the topic of bullying that fits into the subject of PHSE and the first time I heard I would be coming up with my own idea for the T.I.E show I knew I wanted to include this issue through performance and workshops. But I also know that not all my class will thing this is as important and educational as topics such as maths, English and science. As an additional idea I have thought of splitting my idea as if it was already a devised piece into two sections, I want to do one half about one topic and the other half about another topic. This will mean the children wont get board and they would be learning more than just one thing. I then want to do workshops at the end of the show to revise the topics that have been covered in the performance. A T.I.E company that already operates like this is ‘Takeaway Theatre Company’ they split there shows into one half educating on bullying and the other half about WW2 completely different but they discuss the topics at the end of the show

I would have like to have done mine all about safeguarding and around bullying like the T.I.E company ‘Loudmouth’ but again I don’t think this would get peoples attention in my class. Loudmouth do shows for all the Keys stages on the website they list shows for Primary, Secondary and Colleges, for Primary the show that they aim for children aged 7 is called ‘BULLY 4 U’.

The topic that I would like to do in the second half of the performance is science. I was never that interested in science and ended up failing it when doing my GCSEs. I think a lot of pressure is put on children to pass maths and English but not enough pressure is put on children to pass science. Its not about the pressure its more about finding the lesson fun. I have decided to do my T.I.E performance idea into Act 1 and Act 2. Act 1 will be all about bullying and the problems faced from a young age when at school, it will be a short 8 minuet show of a young boy/girls journey through school and how people pick on them, it will be suitable for children in KS2 and it will be in a pantomime style as my classes strengths is in acting. Act two will be a performance around science to make the subject seem exciting and fun, it will be about materials and how different materials will help you stay warm and dry in different seasons.


A short pantomime style show that covers the topic of PHSE. One boys journey through school where he is not a favourite of his mother so he goes to school with less luxury’s then his horrible brother and sister. He has smelly ripped clothes so he is picked on by the children at his school. The educational message of this performance is not to pick on people because of the way they look. In the end the boy seeks help from the audience and a character in the show who plays a friendly teacher who finally helps the boy become happy and shows the audience what to do if they ever happen to get bullied or see anyone who is a victim of bullying.

Low Budget Set –

Low Budget Props –

Drawn Set Design –

Video Log –

Act 2 – Mystery Materials.

The audience will need to help the characters on stage figure out what materials will keep the warm when the storm hits. This will involve songs and dances. The characters will show the children many different materials, they will pour water on the materials to see which on protects them the most from the rain. They will each get a chance to feel the materials before so they can each say which they think will be the best to make a coat out of when the storm finally hits. Each character then will get a coat made from the material and the storm will hit this will involve all the children to stand and waves their arms in the air to create wind the cast without coats on will also have to do the storm dance. After the storm will see which coat kept which character warmest.

Low Budget Set –

Low Budget Props –

Drawn Set Design –

Video Log –


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