U9 – Task 6

U9 – Task 6: Devising TIE Pieces and Workshops

November 17th
Once the presentations have taken place the group should discuss which idea they would like to go with, (this may incorporate more than one persons ideas). Devising and experimenting with the following –
  • Characters
  • Scene Ideas
  • Songs
  • Choreography
Group discussion featuring Hannah. That’s really her. She was not at an audition that day!
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 Who presented what below:
  • Beth – Maths (Quest)
  • Harry – Maths (Quest)
  • Emma – History (Florence Nightingale)
  • Jack – History (Sea Side Holidays then and now)
  • Josh – Science (Materials), PSHE (Bullying – Panto style)
  • James – History (Legend of St Edmund)
  • Lou – English (Nonsense Poetry)
  • Daytona – PSHE (Cyberbullying)
  • Leah – History (Workhouse)
Thinking back to my practitioner work I wanted to include heightened, big and outrageous characters into my presentation ideas. That’s why I went with the pantomime style, when linking my idea with task 1 and task 2 U9 practitioner work I would say I wanted to challenge each member in the class with characterisation. We would be able to use the work of practitioners to help us get into the characters situation, when presenting my bullying idea I forgot to say how I wanted to use Grotowskis technique running to help with the emotion that character would be feeling. I felt Grotowskis technique helped me when doing an emotional monologue. If they had picked my ideas they would be teaching the audience a subject but also devolving and testing a style of acting that might not be to there best of experience, not many of the class have done as much pantomime acting. Neither have I but thinking back to the small amount we did last year at Christmas time, I think we all played the characters brilliantly.
As we had a class discussion on the ideas raised in the presentations, most of the class thought my ideas of bullying had to many issues that would be extremely challenging to work around. But they did like the idea of having pantomime style characters as it would engage the children and would be very appropriate.
In the discussion I raised these points:
1 – I agree with Beth bullying is already taught at schools and done in so many different ways, they have people come in and teach about bullying already in certain schools and we might just get in the way. We might even glamourize bullying and make it seem like something that is cool!
2 – I like Beth’s idea and I would love to evolve the idea round Maths I think young people need to find fun in the topic personally as I did not and still don’t find the topic fun and that is why I still struggle with it. When Beth, Hannah, Leah and I partly improvised a piece about the maths and shapes it worked really well and now Beth has adapted it and improved the script it really works. The idea of traveling to lots of different worlds is creative and fun I am sure it will engage the children and they will be learning throughout.
3 – Basically I don’t mind what we do, I don’t mind what subject we adapt it around as long as it is a challenge for us as well. (Basically I reminded the class it is not all about the kids, we are there to teach them but also we are being assessed and I want to make sure we are all doing something we love! Not just teaching the children.) It is not all about the kids we need to enjoy this. That is where my ideas help. I wasn’t so fussed about the idea of science or bullying it was more about the story. I took me longer to think of the characters then it did the topic I just picked topics at random, I still had reasons to pick them but my main idea was engaging the audience and having fun when we are on stage.
The majority of the class said they like Beth’s idea and that her presentation really sold it to them. We also have a rough blocking for the Evil Shape Collector as we started improvising it in class and it really worked. The second idea is undecided but is looking like it will be adapted round words and topics in English.
Under the video above on comments on YouTube I posted this:
 Beth, I really like your idea as it is fun and creative and you have really improved on the original in my opinion. I think if we took this on tour it would help educate the children on shapes as well as making maths seem fun. The story is great; I love the adventure the characters go on and how they meet different people on the way who have also had their shapes stole. It was a great presentation because you included pictures of the characters as you imagined them, I thought the EVIL Shape Collector character was brilliant as the image you have of him is so childish and harmless but still a villain so the children will understand the story but not be too scared. The characters would present a challenge to all the actors playing the roles. I have never played an evil cartoon-like villain so it would definitely be interesting. It has a great structure and is such an improvement on the original idea.
Group discussion link below: