U9 – Task 7

December 8th
Once your script is written or your choreographic structure established, you will start to prepare for your assessed rehearsed reading/choreographic presentation.
You must provide evidence of rehearsals leading up to the rehearsed reading.
Above is my group which consists of Beth Easdown, Harry Ladell, Daytona Florian, Leah Smith and myself. We have been given the topic of Maths and we are working with the idea of ‘The Evil Shape Collector’, which has already been roughly blocked during the improvising lesson when we first thought of the idea. It will be a T.I.E piece about shapes and will teach young children in KS1 the importance of shapes, 2D and 3D.
Below I will keep updating everything we do as a group leading up to the rehearsed reading, how we prepare and what we do to prepare from character research to script work and just working as a team to make the T.I.E reheared reading fun and exciting for those who are watching. Also the more up to date we get before the Christmas holidays the better, because I think all of us want this to be one of the best things we do at ConEast we are all really excited about it. I have set up a Facebook page titled ‘The Evil Shape Collector’ for those in my group to update rehearsal times and lots of us will be at auditions and miss rehearsals so we will use it to update everything we do so that people out on them days know what they have missed.  I will also transport the important information from the page onto U9 – Task 7 WordPress.
So we finally have been told the groups we are in and we will be working with each other to create T.I.E pieces. English and Maths were the topics picked by the majority of the class.
Here are the groups:













The groups worked out really well considering we already had a rough structure for maths and Harry had presented his idea about including a dog that talks so it suited him getting cast in maths and Beth’s idea of having a ‘DogTective’.  To start off the group and I talked about the most important thing considering we already had a story. We are more or less going for the same characters as the improvised version apart from the addition of adding a character and swapping someone the role Hannah played as she is now doing English. Of course Harry got cast as the dog, but below I have listed the characters and who is playing them


Isabella – Beth

Dogtective – Harry

Granny – Leah

Evil Shape Collector – Josh

Silly Sidekick – Daytona

Here is my opinion why I think each person suits the role they have been given and why I did not object to any of the casting decisions.

Beth as Isabella –


Leah as Granny –


Josh as Evil Shape Collector (Written by Harry) –

Josh’s enthusiasm and ability to impersonate larger characters naturally drifted him to the same role her also played in the original version of ‘The Missing Triangle’. Drawing upon his ability to impersonate roles such as Baptistan from our take on Feydeau’s ‘A Flea In Her Ear’, he has proved time and time again to never hold back from playing comical roles and mastering ability to improvise childish dialogue.

Harry as the Dog –

Harry is a confident and bright individual, he is very determined and dedicated to his work which means he is always up for a challenge. As an actor Harry has the ability to play different characters that range from serious to comical and bold roles. We decided as a group it would be good to cast Harry playing the part of a dog as we know Harry will put the work in to make the dog great and make our T.I.E piece stand out. All of the parts in this are very challenging and there is an enormous difference between each of the characters so everyone needs to be putting the effort in to each of their roles, Harry is a great example of what each person in the group needs to be doing to prepare!