U9 – Task 9

U9 – Task 9: Evaluation of Rehearsed Reading.

Task 9 – Rehearsed Reading – “The Missing Triangle”, T.I.E Progression Video, 8/12/16 This TIE Character work video has nothing to do with my Evaluation apart from a fun intro to this task.

Today we shared what we already have for the script and the blossoming characters for our Theatre in Education piece ‘The Evil Shape Collector and the Missing Triangle’. Today has really restored faith in myself and the group. We got some very negative feedback yesterday when we showed the class our piece just to prepare for the sharing, in contrast todays feedback was great. The sharing video below shows what we did today and the feedback from the audience after the performance. Scripts in hand but that’s because its early days.


After the less successful run of ‘The Evil Shape Collector’ yesterday we managed to come back and make the audience during sharing day laugh out loud and it was only a rough run without any major blocking. I think this proves just how great Beth Easedown is when it comes to writing scripts. She took the role of writing the script with ideas thrown at her on the Facebook page by the rest of the group and I think the roles in the group have really worked. Myself taking the role of making sure everyone is meeting when they should be and working on the characters, especially helping Daytona come out of her shell and play a big character which is out of her comfort zone, I think that showed today during the sharing as she got a lot of good comments from the audience. We all still have a lot of work to do on the characters, even the script and from both the stumble through yesterday and the better run today I think we have learnt the phase needs to be increased a lot.

Feedback: We got a lot of helpful feedback from this audience which was a mix of the other groups and a few year ones.

Feedback from Erica to Josh – Josh played his character well as he toned down the way he portrayed the E.S.C to be less aggressive.

Erica to Daytona – Remember that a child audience will react differently to an audience full of peers. – Deliver lines clearly (project more)

Audience to Leah – Find one accent and stick to it! Speak clearly and project more.

Audience to Beth and Harry – Relationship between them is really coming along both portray their characters well.

Feedback was very helpful because it has gave each of us something to work on. The point that I believe will help me the most and what I have learnt from both runs is to play the E.S.C not as a bullish villain but more of a comedic and rubbish villain. He isn’t good at being a villain and that’s why he is so funny almost loveable. That’s why he never actually goes ahead with his evil plan, in the end he gives in and follows his dream to become a florist. That is also why he gets upset when Isabella speaks of his parents. He doesn’t want to talk about them as deep down he knows he is a rubbish villain he is only doing this being they wanted him to become one.

After the sharing me and Daytona got together to speak about how we personally feel it went. We both agreed better than the day before, it flowed better as Leah was there and we both feel we got knocked down by our peers the day before and this made us come back better and a stronger. We are working together better and have started to bounce of each other. The part we added last minuet with the E.S.C getting blown of the chair really works and we have decided to keep that in the play. We will improve by working even more on the characterisation together and we need to get off book to ensure we master the correct pace. I said to Daytona after the performance “just make sure you stick with the dumb attitude, Like what your doing be confident and don’t let it slip”. Then she said to me “I like how you’re being less aggressive towards me. You’re character voice is coming along really well as is the relationship between our character’s, like you said it will develop more with lines learnt and me staying in character, well both of us staying in character”.

I don’t just mean to say Daytona is the only one who hasn’t a big enough character. The whole cast needs to up all actions it needs to be bigger for everyone including myself. Today made me think it would be great if we were all to go and watch a Pantomime to observe the way they act. Then we could try bringing some of that into our show, also kids love Pantomimes.

Like I said me and Daytona got together that night and did a mixed opinion evaluation, video below.