Task1a: Planning Presentation, IDEA 2(This is Separate to the Template)

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My second idea I got inspiration from a video uploaded by Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services. They uploaded a powerful piece of dance to tell the story of an abuse relationship. Now my idea isn’t to copy the dance but to copy the style of the dance and change the meaning to show the transformation from a saint to a sinner through the use of dance. Here is the video of the dance:

I like the simplistic style of the dance and it reminds me of when ConEAST did the Chair Duet Challenge at the start of the year in September. Both of these pieces are like physical theatre and I would like to challenge myself to create something similar to show a transformation from saint into sinner. I would like to film the piece and then have it playing when the audience entre the theatre and have it playing on the TV in the corridor as the audience walk down to the theatre.

I’ve always had a passion for simplistic dance that tells a powerful story. The video above tells a very powerful and chilling story in a very simplistic way. The thing that attracts me most to this footage is the way they haven’t used a dance studio with lots of flashing light or on top of a building overlooking a city but in casual clothing in the middle of an open field with sunlight beaming through the trees. I would like to create something similar, in order to do this I would need a dedicated male/female peer who would be prepared to dance. I have already asked Sian Davis and she seems to be really interested in the idea. In my presentation I will share the video and explain why it inspired me. I will also ask Helena if she will help to choreograph the piece. I will need to find a media student who is dedicated and hard working to film this piece in there own time. The media student will have to be very talented to make this look as good as the video seen above.

As I mentioned earlier this style of dance made me think back to the start of the year when we did the Chair Duet Challenge below you can find the video and get more of an understanding of this simplistic style of dance:


One thought on “Task1a: Planning Presentation, IDEA 2(This is Separate to the Template)”

  1. The dance/film is very moving and you’ve described well why you would like to suggest it. I like the fact that you saw the comparisons between the simple connections of the Chair Duets from the start of term and the very simple but poignant style and setting of the Domestic Abuse dance piece.

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