‘Saints and Sinners’ Presentation video, thoughts and reflection my personal opinion on other presentations 16/03/17

Today we had to present the three ideas we prepared on the theme ‘Saints and Sinners’. In this reflective journal not only will I reflect on my personal presentation but the thoughts I had on other presentations, I will share my thoughts on what I liked and what I think will work in a show with the theme ‘Saints and Sinners’.

Firstly here are the recordings of my presentations, it is in two parts as the first recording ended half way through.

Part 2

I believe I really sold my ideas to my peers, Lynn and Helena who will be directing the piece seemed to be really interested. The tutors are giving us the freedom to present our own ideas but in order for them to pick our ideas they need to fit the theme and we need to give them the reasons why they should include our idea in the show. Obviously some ideas might fit the theme and be appealing but once the show has a structure they might not fit which I can understand.

I didn’t remember all of the presentation skills that we talked about in yesterdays lesson as I did turn my back to the audience a few times to change the slide and I did go on a tangent of different ideas, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the presentation lasted longer than it should. I do believe I made it interesting, which meant it didn’t matter it was longer. However I did remember to make eye contact with not only the tutors but also my peers. I asked at the end if anyone had any questions in order for them to find out more about my ideas or just encase they thought there was something I had missed, at this point everyone seemed very interested in my ideas as lots of people asked questions and I didn’t get any criticism from the tutors which is good sign. I am most pleased that I said doing a piece on drugs isn’t necessarily going to be a piece all about issues and it will not be like a GCSE drama piece because we are not GCSE drama and we have the skills to make a piece on drugs meaningful and have a purpose.

I made note of what everyone else’s ideas were, I have listed them and  and will comment on which ideas I think should be considered and why:

I have posted these as feedback on the YouTube uploads on ConEAST’s private YouTube hence why I have been directing it to the person.


Scott, your idea about the club is very interesting. I am happy you thought of a structure for the show, this would really work and it has helped me imagine a way to make all the pieces link. It was really clever that you decided to call the club Saints and Sinner, I think if Lynn and Helena decide to pick this for a structure we will need to adapt the club to make it not such any old club but somewhere people could go to perform this would mean there would be a reason for song and dance. It could be somewhere classy where people would go to such drink but we could meet some very interesting characters over the course of the night.


Harry, I like the ideas a lot. The Knight’s Templar idea would be interesting but I don’t know if we will have enough time to devise yet. Also for the Thor idea, you could make him a real person but instead of Thor his name could be Theo? Then it might fit if we do something modern. You can take character traits from Thor! The main reason I thought of changing his name to Theo is because if Lynn and Helena choose to have Scotts club idea for the structure, Theo would fit into this environment where as its not very common to find someone with the name Thor.



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